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Reflections Part 1

A mirror is my only indication,

of who I’m trying to be.

A constant narration,

of what other people see.

But what if that person were separate?

The reflection in the mirror.

A different life,

One of strife,

It’s becoming so much clearer.

Reflections Part 2

This glass is my prison,

and I’m struggling to get out.

The only place I can turn is in,

and destruction is my route.

But what if I’m just a shadow?

Simply a manifestation.

A cruel divice,

of your hidden vice,

one of sexual liberation.


All Photography and Video by Sean Forsythe
Model: Shannon Clancy

Reflections Part 1 - Music: Anvil/ By Lorn
Reflections part 2 - Music: Stranger (FORMER Remix)/ Sofie Letitre

Ode written by Shelby Shoup

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