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:10: / Eros

The Last of :10: - Eros Album art work

[Graphic Content – Viewer discretion advised]

:10: started out as an industrial music project that was
born from the forums of Cakewalk’s Project 5 software. It was the user name I
selected when creating an account as I learned the software and became
increasingly active on the forums. It has evolved over the years, changing both
its art and music direction but keeping the darker tones I wanted to pursue.
Art has always been an important part of the process. It was a way to visualize
the sound and feeling of the music, creating this sense for the user as a dark and
visual chaotic view between the two. From horror movie samples to fully built
soundscapes ripped open with distortion, the sound of :10: is very much a vivid
bed of sound and visual art.

Eros marks the final album of :10:, and to complement the
final release is a book of art that showcases the albums dark nature. Filled
with 108 pages of dark artwork that represents each track within the album with
each page painting a window into this limbo I wanted to visualize.

The music to Eros was originally created over a span of two
years. The actual album title and art direction didn’t come until the album was
only a few tracks in. It started with a friend of mine who asked me why I had
not created and submitted artwork to Detroit’s Dirty show, which is an annual
Erotic art exhibit that is hosted every year in Detroit. Since my main focus is
art and photography, I decided to look into it after she had offered to help
out with whatever I needed to submit to the show. The end project would be an official
selection for the 2017 Dirty Show.

I had taken a week to get my thoughts together. I knew I
needed to create something that stood out within the erotic nature of the show.
I decided to work with video, mainly macro photography and glitch effects to
create an erotic representation of this idea I had been playing with through other photography projects that represented limbo.
I started with the music track first, and created a dark distorted sound bed of
noise and bass hits, which eventually turned into the final Eros track. The
original cut of the Eros video was mainly this soundscape track layered over
what is now the beginning section of the Eros video. My friend worked with me
helping to create this dark erotic art piece. But it felt empty, like it need
more to help tell this story. So I continued to build on the track, creating
percussion, noise beds and synth sections. I then recruited several more friends
to help create the second half of the video and introduced a more horror
oriented feel into the video, again exploring this idea of limbo as a place
that hides the truth of those fallen into this false paradise of beauty. The
ideas were dark and sexual, and pushed some boundaries I wasn’t sure I should
be pursuing. But I stuck with it, and in the end created the first video for
the album.

Eros now became the name of the album and I started looking
into creating a full color hardcover art book to go along with the last

Each track would have its own spread. I knew I wanted 10
tracks, so the pursuit of creating those pages started to come together. It was
a process that would take several months to complete, and at the time I had
started, the album wasn’t finished yet. I only had a few tracks created, with a
few others in early stages of production. Mainly just loops of sounds I had
been playing with, far from finished tracks.

I started shooting new concepts with a selection of people I
trusted to help bring the art to life. The art was such a large portion of the
release that I wanted to create something that represented the art direction I
had defined over the years as :10:, something that represented this idea of
limbo and that helped envision the style of music I was creating. As each
spread was finished, I slowly pieced the book together, working with typefaces
and design layouts until I had a basic layout of the final book. Continuing to
work with new people setting up conceptual shoots as I finished new tracks. Along the
way I had shot some other video elements that ended up working as a music video
for the track Wept.

The project was coming to a close. I had one track left that
I needed vocals for. It was untitled at the time, and only one spread left for
the book. I had images I wanted to use already, but did not have a name for the
track. I reached out to several female vocalists as the deadline for the
release was approaching. Unfortunately, each artist I was talking with
could not work on the project due to other obligations, so I turned to Emileigh Rohn as a last effort to
finish the album, otherwise I would have to release the album with the track as
an instrumental. By this time I had a title for what is now Painting Her.
Emileigh had already worked on Distort Me which is the albums opening track, so
what better way to end it with her voice on the final track as well. She came through
in the end, and I am grateful for her contributions, as well as the
contributions of everyone else involved. The book was finished and printed. The
album was ready for release.

I am thankful to everyone who worked with me, who trusted me
with the ideas I had and for helping me accomplish this final project. I am
also thankful to all of the fans and supporters of :10:, and for James Church of CRL Studios
for giving :10: a voice!

:10: / Eros

I wish to see it as a place of beauty

These lines of red carved within my skin as I lay beneath
its wonder

Fluids sway about my flesh

Breaking free from my ribs and submerging my heart in tones
of black

My eyes growing larger as my vision fades

Reds and blacks wading inward

It is not a place of beauty of which I thought

Falling further down, consumed within its walls of lies

As this darkness bleeds out of me, from within me

I now see its true intent

Of which to drown me in hurt

Of which to suffocate my lungs with concealed sharp spines




Behind the glass of illusion I weep

Wishing to awake from this false paradise

I am


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*Currently looking for a publisher to release the book at a lower cost
*Current price is $106 - Eros book can be purchased here - Eros (Recommend finding Blurb coupons)

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